Privacy Policy

AllThingsTalk regulations for the protection of privacy

AllThingsTalk aspire to be recognised as a company offering trusted IoT services to their customers, employees and partners. News reminds us that new technologies can be intrusive and demonstrate that data protection is a major challenge for companies such as AllThingsTalk, services manage an ever increasing amount of personal data. AllThingsTalk has made the following clear and firm commitments regarding the protection of personal data and the respect of the privacy of its customers:

Security: Customers’ personal data is processed fairly and stored securely

Control: the customer will be able to verify and approve how his / her personal data will be used

Transparency: in terms of data processing for its customers and users at all levels, throughout our relationship

Help: for all customers and users to help them protect their privacy and better manage their personal data

Frequently asked Questions

In the next paragraphs, you will find more information on how AllThingsTalk is fulfilling its commitments for IoT services and Internet services.

  • What personal data does AllThingsTalk collect?
  • What is the confidentiality of communications?
  • How does AllThingsTalk use personal data?
  • Does AllThingsTalk use anonymous personal data?
  • Does this also apply to B2B customers?
  • Can I refuse to have my personal data used?
  • How are personal data protected?
  • How long are the data kept?
  • Is personal data transferred to third parties?
  • What are my rights as a customer?
  • What about the AllThingsTalk?

What personal data does AllThingsTalk collect?

At the beginning of the contract AllThingsTalk can collect the customer’s personal information: name, address, date of birth, gender and email address. This information will be collected via the internet.

At each internet connection location data is generated. These data are stored temporarily before being made anonymous. AllThingsTalk has no application that uses location data associated with an individual.

During the term of the contract AllThingsTalk save the customer’s payment information and the payment or recharge history.

AllThingsTalk will keep a history of customer contacts with customer service.

All information collected will be stored and managed in systems controlled by AllThingsTalk NV, Oktrooiplein 1, 9000 Gent.

What about confidentiality of communications?

The staff and partners AllThingsTalk have no access to the content of customer communications such as content of calls, emails or SMS, internet sessions, etc. This information is encrypted during transfer. In any case, this information is protected by the secrecy of telecommunications.

How does AllThingsTalk use personal data?

AllThingsTalk uses the personal data of customers to provide them with the services they have subscribed to and offer them personalised services according to their needs. AllThingsTalk use personal information in particular:

  • to bill the services the customer benefits
  • for direct marketing purposes, to inform the customer of related or new products and changes to existing AllThingsTalk products and services
  • to determine customer segmentation

AllThingsTalk comply with the Belgian data protection legislation and the code of ethics of the Belgian Direct Marketing Association for its direct marketing actions.

Anonymous and aggregated (data) traffic is used to analyse traffic behaviour and to optimise AllThingsTalk’s services.

Does AllThingsTalk use anonymous personal data?

Anonymous and aggregated data of traffic are used to optimise and analyse the services offered by AllThingsTalk.

Does this also apply to B2B customers?

Anonymous and aggregated data traffic and data traffic are used to analyse traffic behaviour on the Orange network and to optimise Orange’s services and network.

Can I object to the use of my personal data for direct marketing purposes?

The customer may choose not to participate in AllThingsTalk’s direct marketing campaigns or loyalty campaigns via its customer area.

How are personal data protected?

AllThingsTalk has implemented security measures appropriate to the sensitivity of personal data to protect against malicious intruders, loss, tampering or disclosure to unauthorised parties.

AllThingsTalk only issue access permissions to its information systems to those who need them to fulfil their function.

AllThingsTalk makes their employees aware of the protection of personal data made available to them in the course of their duties and request that they respect the rules in force and the company’s ethics.

AllThingsTalk perform checks and audits to verify the correct operational application of these rules.

AllThingsTalk require their suppliers to respect its security principles.

How long are the data kept?

The personal data of the customer (name, address, ..) are kept 10 years after the end of the contract. This data is used only to identify a person as a former client when needed.

Traffic information is kept by AllThingsTalk for 36 months.

The customer’s billing data is archived for 8 years for tax purposes.

Is personal data transferred to third parties?

AllThingsTalk will not share their customers’ personal data with business partners.

In accordance with legal obligations, AllThingsTalk will communicate personal information and traffic information at the request of the judicial authorities in the context of a judicial inquiry.

What are my rights as a customer?

The customer can at any time check and change their preferences, such as commercial communications, via his customer area or by sending an email to the address

The customer has the right to request a copy of his personal data collected by Orange and AllThingsTalk by sending a dated and signed application and a copy of the identity card to AllThingsTalk nv, Oktrooiplein 1, 9000 Gent or by email at

And what about the Orange & AllThingsTalk IoT website?

AllThingsTalk records the personal data communicated to it via the site (the ‘Site’) in databases belonging to it. This data can be used to process requests made through the Site.

AllThingsTalk may use third parties to carry out market research or marketing or direct marketing operations or, under subcontracts or cooperation agreements, the performance of certain services. AllThingsTalk communicate personal data provided to it via the Site to such third parties only insofar as this is necessary for the execution of the tasks assigned to them and exclusively for the purposes of this execution.

At each connection to the Site via the internet and at each personal information communication, proven and robust encryption technologies secure these communications.

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