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Sanguine and choleric compatibility

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Флегматик - флегматик совместимость.
Темперамент флегматик и холерик: совместимость в отношениях

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Dec 2, 2016 - Miller+mood+map+Sanguine+Melancholic.jpg (409×391) .
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Sanguine and choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic. for your commercial &...
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the four temperaments and the elements - spring is generally thought of as sanguine...
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Above all, the sanguine person must flee immediately from the occasions of ...
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Phlegmatic Choleric.
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Interesting. I'm definitely INFP but I think I've tested as

Sanguine: These people are usually lively, optimistic, buoyant and carefree...
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So I was having a "choloric" day when my computer glitched, but t...
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